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UrduPress Version 2.2 is Ready to Download



As with growing community of StyloThemes and UrduPress we are working hard to provide our customers the best product. In Version 2.2 of UrduPress we have fixed various reported bugs and revised our homepage structure. Read below about what’s new and what is fixed.

What’s New?

01 :- The Complete New Homepage Customizer

As requested by many customers, we have revised our Homepage layout manager and added more control over layout. You can now control the style of each block and number of posts in each block to suit your needs.

Completely easy to use options are added in Theme settings panel so everyone can customize their homepage layout as they like.



02 :- New Single Post View Layout

As requested by many customers, the layout of single post page is now changed, the post title is now moved below the featured image so you can set your post banners without having any overlay on them.



03 :- Better Facebook Sharing with Opengraph

Facebook is sharing is the main source of traffic for most of Urdu Bloggers. As reported many users were having Thumbnail problem while sharing their posts links on facebook. Wrong images were being fetched by Facebook crawler.

We have integrated Facebook Opengraph API with UrduPress, now correct post thumbnails will be used by Facebook.



04 :- Edit Preloader Message

jQuery Preloader was added in previous update to show your website visitors a nice message while website fully load in backend. But the message was fixed, now you can customize the message on loading screen to whatever you like.



What’s Fixed?

— Fixed UrduPress Category posts widget, due to some bugs widget was not saving correct values. Widget now saves correct values and produce correct results at frontend.

— Fixed CSS issues with image sizes.

— Fixed Post thumbnail sizes and added new sizes to use on various locations.

— Improved performance

Report Bugs

We are determined to provide our customers the best product. Please report any bugs to help us improve our themes. CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT A BUG REPORT 

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