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UrduPress v5.1 – Islamic Date Fix Patch

New Options to Adjust Islamic Date & Clock

It came to our attention that the Islamic date was not correct for Pakistan because it was synced with Arab countries. We have now added to controls to show/hide the clock and date individually and you can now also Add or Remove Days in the date that is displayed. 

First, download the latest file from your account and update the theme files to the latest one. Click here to Learn How to Update The Theme

To change the settings simply gotop Appearance > Theme Settings > Header > Date & Clock

You can either uncheck the boxes to hide the date or clock individually or you can adjust the date in the filed. To adjust the date just enter -1, -2, -3… so on to subtract the days from the date that is displayed at the frontend or you can add days by entering +1, +2, +3…