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UrduPress Version 2.1 is Available for Download


UrduPress version 2.1 is here with various bug fixes and new features. We are continuously focused on providing best experience to our customers, as we appreciate our customer’s feedback and we always try to implement fixes and features as soon as possible.
In this version of UrdPress we have fixed various bugs reported by our customers and we have also added new features requested.

What’s New?

01 :- CSS3 based Animated Preloader

Let your visitors see a beautiful animation and a message while your website’s content is being loaded

02 :- Back to Top Button

Add a beautiful back to top button to let your readers quickly navigate to the top of the page

03 :- Sticky Navigation

The most demanding feature is here, sticky navigation bar.



04 :- Clickable Sub-Menu on Mobile Screens

As we know the mobile screens does not have Hover or Mouseover option which cause the sub-menu to not work on mobile screens (or small resolutions < 768px) we have now added a new feature which converts the hover behavior into click. Now your website users can access the sub-menu by clicking on parent, a special icon also appear on menu items which have a sub-menu



05 :- Show/Hide Sidebars on Mobile Screens

As of early version we disabled the sidebars by default for small resolutions or mobile devices due to long scroll with lot of content. but many users demanded to have the sidebars enabled anyway. so instead of enabling or disabling theme in core, we have added the option in theme settings panel for website owners to decide. You can enable/disable any of sidebar for mobile devices or small screen resolution.




What’s Fixed?

— Fixed some media related issues (please regenerate all your thumbnails after updating your theme).

— Fixed post title words limit on homepage blocks to prevent layout break due to long post titles.

— Fixed related post count to 6 instead of 7

— Improved performance

7 thoughts on “UrduPress Version 2.1 is Available for Download

  1. Hi,

    The new version is not notified in ‘update’ section of the admin panel, so please let us know how to update the it from version 2.0 to 2.1?


  2. Thanks, but why it couldn’t be done within the wordpress admin panel like other themes?
    I have been trying to open a support ticket but your system is saying “you are not allowed” … can you please fix the problem.
    And please consider following in your next update:
    1 – Give admin some freedom over the homepage’s boxes regarding style (for instance columns) and number of posts to be displayed in a box. At the moment it’s fixed, 7 for box 1 and 3 and 8 for box 2 and 4 while box 5 has 6 posts
    2 – It will be better if each widget on mini sidebar has a separate box like it is on the main sidebar
    3 – Post’s top picture shouldn’t necessarily be the same as featured image. Most of the wordpress themes give users the flexibility of inserting picture different in size and image to that of featured image.

    Keep up the good work.


    1. Because it is a premium theme and not hosted on WordPress library. and not every premium theme have auto update feature unless you install their plugin. we will provide these features in future

  3. Thanks for Update us . But i get an error when update post in WP . If i want to select category for publishing news only displayed in one category . Because radio button displayed instead of check box. Please help me.



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