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A shop needs to be simple, fast and user friendly. This is the key feature to increase your sells, ShopX is built with experience from different marketers and online sellers.

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ShopX Features

Unlimited Color Schemes

Your online shop with your choice of color scheme!

ShopX offers unlimited color schemes, you can change theme’s color scheme from theme settings panel with just 1 click. It is very easy to build unique and eye catching color scheme for your shop in seconds.

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Products List/Grid View

Built-in List/Grid View Toggle Option Without any Plugin!

We have built custom view toggle option that is loaded within theme, you don’t have to install any 3rd party plugin for that. Your store visitors can easily switch between different product listing layouts. The layout settings remain until user’s session is destroyed.

jQuery Image Zoom

Product Image Zoom Feature Without Any Plugin!

Product image zoom feature is very popular on ecommerce websites, and most of other themes uses 3rd party plugins to include that feature on user’s website which adds extra load and decreases the performance of user’s website. We have added this feature within theme without any usage of 3rd party plugin to improve performance of theme.

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Full Width Page/Post Layout

Enjoy Modern Full Width Page/Post Layout with Featured Image in Header Feature!

We have not focused only E-Commerce layout and features, we have got other features covered too. Such as layout of pages and posts. We have integrated modern post and pages layout in ShopX, with featured image of Page/Post in header background. This will give a unique and attractive look and feel to your store’s blog posts and pages.

Powerful Theme Admin Panel

xPanel is our custom made theme settings panel!

Managing your theme’s settings is very easy with our theme settings panel, which is built using Redux Framework. This panel is loaded with advanced features such as Image Uploader, Code editor, On/Off buttons, Color selectors and much more.  You can control your whole theme’s layout and features from this single panel.

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jQuery Website Preloader

Built-in Website Preloader with 10+ Animations!

Display your visitors a beautiful loading page with custom text and different animation options. This is a great way to hide annoying page up/downs from your visitors while your content is being loaded. You can enable/disable or change settings from theme settings panel.

Built-in Slider

Simple & Beautiful jQuery Slider Without any Plugin!

Your store does not need heavy Slider plugins to increase your sells, most of people hate websites with too much heavy sliders and animations. We have made the slider as much simpler as it should be, make your promo banners and put them on homepage with simple and fast animations.

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Performance & Speed

A Website’s Performance and Speed is back bone of it’s success!

Don’t ever loose a single visitor due to bad website performance and slow loading time, your customers does not need animations, styles and creativity of design at your website. All they need is PRODUCT they are looking for, ShopX will help you get more sells with its outstanding fast loading speed and design performance. Give your customers what they want with easy to use, user friendly layout.

Custom Currency (PKR)

Selling products in Pakistan ? We have something for you 🙂

We have integrated custom currency for people selling their products in Pakistan, so your customers can understand the price in PKR.

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Lifetime Updates

Buy once and stay updated forever!

Unlike other theme providers we have no monthly or yearly update fee, you will enjoy the taste of every new version of this theme forever without paying any extra fee.

More Features

The story is not Over yet, there are even more features!

  • Built-in News/Promo Ticker
  • Custom CSS and JavaScript Code option in theme settings
  • Custom Featured and Top Rated Products Sections
  • Custom Category Products Section
  • Built-in Brands Carousel with add/edit/removal option at dashboard
  •  Social media sharing sidebar with 2 styles of icons
  • elegant CSS3 animations
  • Dropdown Cart in Header
  • 1 Click Demo importer
  • SEO optimized code
  • Table less CSS3 and HTML5 based layout
  • More features to be added in updates…
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