UPDATE: UrduPress 4.0 – New Layouts + Mobile App Released

UrduPress 4.0 & Mobile App

Meet UrduPress Mobile App

We are introducing UrduPress mobile app along with UrduPress 4.0 update. You can now reach millions of mobile users by launching your Urdu news mobile app.

What's in this update?

New Homepage Layouts

We received lot of requests from our valuable customers about having multiple choices for homepage layouts. 

UrduPress 4.0 now have various new layouts that you can select for your homepage. Starting with 3 layouts we will continue to provide new layouts every month in theme updates.

Redesigned Header/Footer

We have redesigned structure of header & footer in this update. You have now more control over footer layout.

Header is now more clean and have color scheme management option for news ticker & main menu.

New Social Sharing

Social media sharing is now more prominent and beautiful. You can select it’s position from 3 available options as well.

Full Width & Boxed

Full width layouts are more attractive. You can now select full width or boxed layout for your website.

Archive Page Redesigned

Full width layouts are more attractive. You can now select full width or boxed layout for your website.

New Widgets

More widgets for your imagination, build your homepage with more variety and choice with UrduPress core widgets. 




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What's in this update

Menu on Mobile

Fixed issue where menu on mobile become non scrollable when there are too many items.

Footer social icons

Now only those icons will be displayed who have a link set to them in Appearance > Theme Settings > Social Icons

Search Results

Search results now show data from posts only. Pages and other things will not be included in search results.

Performance Related Bug fixes

Many performances related, CSS related bugs are fixed in this update as well.

UrduPress Version 2.1 is Available for Download


UrduPress version 2.1 is here with various bug fixes and new features. We are continuously focused on providing best experience to our customers, as we appreciate our customer’s feedback and we always try to implement fixes and features as soon as possible.
In this version of UrdPress we have fixed various bugs reported by our customers and we have also added new features requested.

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